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제목 CONTENTS KOREA 2024 - Application form (2nd Early Bird ~6/28)
날짜 2024-04-12 조회수 163
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Contents Korea 2024 will be held at KINTEX from 10.23 - 10.25

Contents Korea 2024 strives to create business results for participating companies and meet the needs of relevant buyers.

For companies wishing to participate in Contents Korea 2024, please fill out the Application form and reply by E-mail.

For further inquiries, please contact us E-mail or WeChat.


Your support keeps us moving forward.

Thank you!


* Contact
Contents Korea Secretariat E. contents@exponu.com

이전글 대구 달성군 - 2024년 중소기업 국내 전시(박람)회 참가 지원 사업 참여기업 모집 공고(~8월 30일까지)
다음글 [수원,평택,안성] 2024년도 중소기업 개발생산판로 맞춤형 지원사업 통합공고(~5월 31일까지)